8-13 Jul 2018 Edmonton (Canada)

Field Trip

The Wednesday afternoon in SEDI meetings is traditionally reserved for field trips.  We propose three options bellow.  The cost of the field trip is included in the registration fee of conference participants.  If you want to bring a guest, make sure to pay the extra fee for guests on the registration page.  

Option 1: Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park plays an important part in the conservation of the American bison. Activities in the park include camping, hiking, wildlife watching and more. Come and see the wilderness of Aspen woodlands, prairie meadows, and pockets of wetlands that are home to elk, coyotes, and more than 250 bird species. It is here that the plains bison was brought back from near extinction, and to see herds of bison in their natural habitat is one of the main draw of the park. The Park is 45 minutes from Edmonton and transportation will be provided by private bus.  The cost of the entering the National Park will be covered by SEDI.  Participants will be taken to Astotin Lake, where they may choose their own set of activities, from swimming in the lake, following one of the interpretive nature walks, going on a forest hike, learning about the park’s wildlife at Astotin theatre, or simply relaxing on the beach.  Canoes may be rented for a fee and subject to availability.


Elk Island Bison


Option 2: Fort Edmonton Park

Named for the first enduring European post in the area of modern-day Edmonton, Fort Edmonton Park is the largest living history museum in Canada by area. It includes both original and rebuilt historical structures representing the history of Edmonton.  The park is divided into four sections, each representing a distinct period: the fur trade era (1795-1859), the settlement ear (1871-1891), the municipal era (1892-1914) and the metropolitan era (1914-1929).  The staff wears historical costumes and act as guides to the life and living conditions of the time.  An afternoon at Fort Edmonton Park is akin to taking a trip on a time-travel machine!  The park is popular with families and tourists. Transportation will be provided by private bus and entrance fees will be covered by SEDI.

FtEd1 FtEd2


Option 3: City walk or River Valley walk




The third option offered will consist of a walk through the city or through the river valley park. Several routes are possible depending on the preferences of the participants.



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