8-13 Jul 2018 Edmonton (Canada)


The 16th Symposium of SEDI, Study of the Earth's Deep Interior, a Committee of IUGG, was held in Edmonton, Canada, from 8 to 13 of July, 2018.

The meeting took place at the Centenial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) at the University of Alberta.

You may view/download the group photo, taken at the CCIS building, by clicking on it.  

Download SEDI 2018 group picture

SEDI is an international scientific organization dedicated to the Study of the Earth's Deep Interior. The ultimate goal of SEDI is an enhanced understanding of the past evolution and current thermal, dynamical and chemical state of the Earth's deep interior and of the effect that the interior has on the structures and processes observed at the surface of the Earth. The 'deep interior' is generally considered to be the core and lower mantle, but interest may extend to the surface, for example, in the study of mantle plumes or dynamics of descending lithospheric slabs.

The scientific questions and problems of interest to SEDI include  and the evolution of the Earth's deep interior, composition, structure and dynamics of the outer core, the geomagnetic dynamo and secular variation, paleomagnetism, structure of the inner core, core cooling and the core-mantle boundary region, core-mantle boundary shape, coupling and the rotation of the Earth, lower mantle: structure, convection and plumes, nature and location of deep geochemical reservoirs, etc.

Details may be found in the Scientific Program. 

Note that poster boards are 1.8 m wide, 1.2 m tall (6 feet wide, 4 feet tall).  

 The following topics will form the Symposium program:

 S1 : Mantle Structure and Composition

S2 : Mantle History and Dynamics

S3 : Core-Mantle Boundary

S4 : Outer Core Observations, structure, composition 

S5 : Outer Core Dynamics and modelling

S6 : Inner Core

S7 : Experiments

S8 : Other Planets Observations & Modeling


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